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Progress Report: I'm Still Walking.
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Date:2006-01-14 06:20
Subject:Just another match
Mood: satisfied

I've been busy the past week. :D;; I'll explain, and hopefully it won't be too long this time.

Continuing from where I left off...Collapse )

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Date:2006-01-06 15:30
Mood: pretty good

Okay, so I forgot about The Network for a while, and this journal thingy I made. I was never much for sharin' my thoughts with anyone except those closest to me and myself, but I figured I should uncork what I've built up since the last entry I made.

Ya know that weird thingy where apparently a bunch of people besides myself changed their ages? Yeah. I'll start there.

It came out pretty long so I'll cut itCollapse )

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Date:2005-12-08 19:07
Mood: confused

Okay. I've had a decidedly WEIRD day today.

It started like this: I got up at seven o'clock to get on the train to Saffron(it was still cold, but it had stopped snowing and the railways were just fine), sped over there, and noticed something odd about myself when I got off the train. My clothes felt a bit baggier than usual... I hadn't had much breakfast, since my appetite sucks right after I wake up, but it was still off and other things felt off, too. I couldn't confirm anything just standing around staring at my hands, so I went to the nearest ladies' room in the station and looked in the mirror.

I was so glad that nobody else was in there at the time because I almost freaked out. I had to check a few things to make sure nothing else had gone back seven years, but it was only me, for whatever relief that was. I remember thinking it was great that I still had my badges, and that would've sucked to fight Sabrina or Clair again... then I also remembered that if everything had actually gone back seven years in time, the train station wouldn't BE there. Doy!

I was worried that my team wouldn't recognize me the way I was, so I rolled back my cuffs a bit(I'm only four inches shorter now, but short is short is short) and went outside to release my five buddies and talk to them. I was all, "Guys, see anything diff'rent about me?" and I even SOUND younger now too, but my buddies didn't seem too bothered by it. Maybe it's because I smell the same, I dunno. I just shrugged and called them back, figuring it would wear off, hopefully soon.

My next impulse was to get on the Network and tell everyone about it, but then I realized it wasn't that believable. Even with all the weird crap that goes on in this world, with Pokemon, especially... then I thought of the time Pokemon, Celebi. It could have something do do with this, but why would the freakin' legendary Celebi be doing this to me, of all people? Maybe I'm not the only one? This doesn't make sense...

Well, I guess I better go to Vermillion anyway. Wouldn't wanna miss the ship to Slateport, and I still gotta buy a ticket... man, they better not make it hard for me just because I'm a kid again...

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Date:2005-12-07 21:53
Subject:Sour Grapes
Mood: tired

Oh man, is it ever freaking cold outside. I just got to Goldenrod City tonight, man I shoulda started out earlier. But whatever.

Okay... so the other day, right after I finished up posting on the Network for the first time(Bill's latest cool thing), I crashed in one of the Ecruteak Pokemon Center's trainer guest rooms and didn't wake up until freaking two in the afternoon. It didn't matter to me then, because it was still way too cold, but I didn't have any other way to go besides foot travel, and there was no way I was gonna have my Swellow Kessaku fly me any distance, since it looked like it would snow.

The trail south of Ecruteak was familiar enough to me, I've been up and down that place before. Then, like I figured, it started snowing. Snow's pretty and all but it didn't exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or outside, either. So I started bookin' it faster to Goldenrod. I got there in about a third of my usual time, with just enough daylight left to see by until I reached the city lights. Good, right? Well, then I checked my funds, and decided to go find the bike shop to buy myself another bike, as I sold my old one last year when I was especially low on money.

So I went deep into the city, in the snow, at night, while it was cold and freezing, and I got lost. Smooth.

I wandered around for a bit more, wasting time and feeling number and stupider by the minute, until I decided "screw it" and sent out Kessaku to find me a way out. She led me to the main street where I could see the Pokemon Center. I called her back in quickly, though she doesn't seem to complain about the cold weather as much as I do, and the snow wasn't that bad... eh, maybe I just worry too much.

So then I hung out in the Pokemon Center and had cider and hot chocolate until I was all warm and toasty again(mmmm... cider). I asked the nurse on duty offhand if she knew the bike shop's hours, and she told me they had closed about the time I'd arrived in town. Just great... well, screw 'em anyway, this snow would probably suck to ride a bike around in.

Well, it's late, and I'm warm and full and tired. I'm sleeping with my Raichu Raiki tonight. She's comfy. I'll probably be in Saffron early tomorrow, if the train's still running in this weather.

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